If anyone was to have told me in 2019, that, by 2020, I would be collecting and sourcing the most stunning pieces of garden antiques from around the globe, I would have thought they had the wrong person.  By stunning, I mean fabulous, individual, unique garden antiques.

There are not many positives that come out of Covid-19 and the global lockdown, but for me it was a catalyst, a reset or pause button. My 25 year business called Team Tactics where we predominantly organise corporate team building business in London was in a state of change. My barn/office became an empty nest. I was in the garden and in the sunshine, so what could I do to keep myself busy?  Fortunately, Team Tactics are still are the market leaders in corporate team building in London but for me, I desired something new and creative.

New Beginnings

It was a strange turn of events that led me to Decorative Garden Antiques, and I would say fate.

Rewind a fair few years to when I was just a child, yes a fair few years! My mother and my aunt had a little business selling antiques at antiques fairs.  I absolutely loved to ‘take charge’ of the stall when they needed a break and relished the time to meander around the stalls adding to my collection of ornamental dogs that I used to buy with my pocket money. Vintage and treasured times!

Tina Decorative Garden Antiques

When my mother died in December 2019, our family slowly renovated her home and I was keen to do something for the small patio garden. Sometimes things are meant to happen at specific times in your life.  Suddenly having all the time in the world during Covid, I leapt like a salmon and became totally engrossed (some would say obsessive) over garden antiques, something I have had a passion for throughout my life. With lockdown, I had the time to realise my ambition. Memories of travelling around with my mother and aunt to antiques auctions and fairs suddenly rekindled during this quieter, more contemplative Covid period.  This was my time to do something different.

So, with, I am sure, my mother’s blessing I welcome you to Decorative Garden Antiques. Everything I source and stock is something I personally get huge excitement from, where each piece offers its own beauty and charm. We hope our eclectic blend of antiques and decorative items will appeal and inspire you.

Please enjoy browsing our decorative garden antiques collection.

Tina Decorative Garden Antiques Close Up