Pair of antique Plantation Chairs


A superb pair of quality Anglo Indian Plantation armchairs circa 1870.

Who can resist the charm of these large, sloped backed woven, deep-seated seats to enjoy a G & T as our ancestors did in the colonial era? A massively iconic piece of furniture from India’s past, these chairs were designed for rest and comfort. With its extending arms, allowing the colonials not only to sit in comfort but to put their feed up and to have a snooze I day say?! Nearly all plantation chairs that were made were backed by rattan or bamboo as this allowed air to flow in the intense heat.

This delightful pair of teak colonial chairs would delight a conservatory or large hall. These chairs are long without the arm rests extended, so would really be a statement piece in any setting.

These generously designed ‘Planter’s Chairs’ are still in superb condition. A delight to own.

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Dimensions122 × 69 × 99 cm

Late 19th Century



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