Rectangular Ridged Willy Guhl planters

Willy Guhl (1915-2004) was a Swiss furniture, product and interior designer, famed for his pioneering designs and Eternit, a company that created weather-resistant, affordable cement based garden planters which were lighter than stone and very durable. Willy Guhl was very much part of the neo-functional design in the Europe in the mid 20th century.

At Decorative Garden Antiques, we have a range of Willy Guhl garden planters.

These are two different lengths, rectangular ridged garden planters and are available separately or together. The shorter length Willy Guhl container has an old white paint patina. Drainage holes in both, in excellent condition.

Dimensions for the larger: L117 D20 H 20cm
Dimensions for the shorter: L 91 D 21 H 20cm

Cost £560.00 & £680.00

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