Antique Copper Bath Planter

What a wonderful rare, statement planter this will be in any home. Ideal both inside and outside as a giant, striking planter, this fabulous copper bath oozes quality appeal.

Over the centuries, copper baths have been loved by nobility, Kings, Queens, Emperors and Monarchs for their looks and functionality. Tubs were rolled into rooms on casters and filled with hot water. Due to the metallic qualities of copper, copper was a great conductor of heat and retains heat longer than the traditional bathtubs.

Over time, copper weathers beautifully and this has taken on that deep, rich copper colouring. This is due to the natural quality in copper called a ‘living finish’, ie the copper interacts with the environment and will take on a different hue with use.

This copper tub is a beautiful piece and will be a spectacular conservatory, household, or garden feature.  A stunning piece of Victorian history with deep sides, lipped rim and original plumbing hole making ideal drainage for planting.

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Dimensions140 × 61 × 66 cm




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