Two Original Arras Arm Chairs

Beautiful, authentic large proportion arras ‘Saint Sauveur’ and ‘Grassin-Baledans’ garden armchairs. In superb condition,  one is with the horse’s hoof and the others features the lions claw feet, both iconic Arras garden furniture attributes.  These Arras armchairs are in immaculate condition.

All Arras furniture was hand forged and riveted and was ahead of its time in design during the 19th and 20th century. Each piece is made to the highest quality and has a striking and distinctive appearance in the smooth rounded iron finish.

The Arras factory was initially called Grassins-Beledans, after the founder’s name and it was located in the Saint-Sauveur district. When it became a Ltd company in 1893, it took the name of its location ie, Saint-Sauveur. So, a piece that has Grassins-Beladans will be older than the successive Saint-Sauveur piece. Both are in fact same company, with two successive names.

The factories of GRASSIN and SAINT SAUVEUR were established from 1840 onwards until the early 1900’s. After WW1 the factory never fully recovered.

Here we have one arras Garden seat with lion’s claw feet and the GRASSIN stamp, and three Arras garden seats with the later horse hoof feet and the SAINT SAUVEUR stamp.  Both are the same design with slight variation on the height of the back of the chair.

Dimensions Grassin-Baldedans H82  D 63 W 62
Saint Seuveur H80 D63 W62

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Arras, Northern France

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