Rare Doulton Lambeth Garden Urn

Wonderful single buff terracotta stamped Doulton Lambeth garden urn with markers stamp.  Simple, classical acanthus leaf decorates the body of the garden vase, providing a good depth for planting flowers or small trees of your choice. Carefully manufactured in the 1800’s in two parts for ease of transporting, this delightful antique urn will adorn any garden space, patio or balcony. Markers stamp both inside the bowl and on the pedestal ‘Doulton Lambeth’.  Wonderfully coloured dark terracotta, this would be stunning in any location, both indoors or outdoors.


Doulton  Lambeth


The fine quality wares were described by Llewellynn Jewitt in 1883

‘In Terra-cotta, Messrs Doulton’s work rank high, both for the beauty of their products, the variety of designs they have introduces, and the durability and excellence of their material. ‘

Most of the firm’s terracotta ornaments bear indented marks, which occur in varying forms, usually on the lower part of the piece. Items dating prior to 1854 are usually marked with ‘Doulton & Watts’, at times together with wording such as ‘Lambeth Pottery London’ or ‘High Street Lambeth’.

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Dimensions47 × 63 cm




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