Pair of antique Italian Confit Pots

Antique Italian confit pots or anchovy pots, with their cream glaze both internally and externally, are a true delight for the home. With its rarity and ageing, comes definition, style, and beauty. Every antique vase or pot will be different and that’s why we love all of them of different sizes and colours. For interior styling through to kitchen accessories, every home needs them!

You will find different names for a variety of antique jars, pots, and vases. From the Italian Capasone jar from Southern Italy to the confit pot from France, Spain, and Italy with their vibrant glazing of creams, yellows, or greens, Passata or Tian bowls, antique Italian Top Hats or Yeast pots, the names and the functions are endless!

Italian antique vases and pots were made in a soft cream or blues. Today they offer a versatile piece for the home.

These twin-handled antique confit pots are from the 19th century, mainly used for preserving a variety of different types of foods in Italy. Most all antique functional pottery from Europe was made from terracotta due to its ability to absorb moisture and keep its contents cool.

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Dimensions20 × 25 cm

19th Century



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