Pair of Garden Granite Hippos


A delightful pair of granite stone garden decorative hippos. A very happy pair they are too! These extremely heavy pair of garden animal statuary will add a fun dimension to a corner of your garden or indeed indoors.
Granite is a hard stone that demands skill for hand carving. Until the early 18th century in the Western world, granite was carved in a basic manner with hand tools.
A significant advancement came with Alexander MacDonald of Aberdeen, who, inspired by ancient Egyptian granite carvings, invented steam-powered cutting and dressing tools.
Granite is a hard igneous rock renowned for its durability and resistance to wind and rain. Predominantly found in the northeast of Scotland around Aberdeen, it was used so extensively in the city’s buildings that Aberdeen became known as “The Granite City.” The stone varies in colour depending on its quarry source, ranging from the grey Rubislaw granite to the pink Peterhead granite.
We cannot be sure of the source of the granite and the sculptor of these hippos.

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Dimensions50 × 23 × 33 cm

Late 20th Century



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